Tax season is approaching...are you ready?

Important notice for ShelterPoint policyholders:

4thQuarter 2020 and Annual third Party Sick Pay statements will be mailed to employers the week of January 4, 2021.

Applicable Tax forms will be mailed to recipients by January 31, 2021 for benefits received and services elected by the policyholder for the 2020 tax year.

General: Make sure information on file is up-to-date (mailing address, contact person, legal name and tax identification number) as it is used when preparing tax forms and for communicating important policy and claim related information.  If any corrections are required, contact our office, or create an online account to update your information.

Disability: If your employees received any short-term disability benefits from ShelterPoint during calendar year 2020, this information is reported on Form W-2 as 3rd party sick pay wages. Informational Third Party Sick Pay statements are sent to employers quarterly and an annual notice is sent in early January, which summarizes benefit payments made and taxes withheld, if any.

Employers with optional W-2 services: If you have elected the FICA Remittance Service from ShelterPoint, your employee’s that have received disability benefits during calendar year 2020 will receive a separate Form W-2 from ShelterPoint that includes the total benefits received during the year. Employers will also receive a summary Third Party Sick Pay statement outlining benefits paid during the year and any taxes withheld.  ShelterPoint will mail Form W-2s DIRECTLY to employees.  Employers should be careful as not to double report third party sick pay wages and other information on the employer Form W-2.

If you have elected W-2 Preparatory Services from ShelterPoint, W-2 forms will be mailed directly to the employer for review and distribution to employees who received sick pay benefits from ShelterPoint during the year. ShelterPoint does NOT send W-2’s directly to the employees under this service arrangement.  Please note, the W-2 Preparatory Service is a limited printing service only and does not relieve the employer of any filing responsibilities on behalf of its employees with the applicable governmental authorities.  ShelterPoint does not provide W-2 copies for the employer or government authorities.

Paid Family Leave: If any employee received PFL benefits of $600.00 or more from ShelterPoint during calendar year 2020, they will receive Form 1099-MISC from ShelterPoint Life in January 2021. PFL benefits are considered taxable non-wage income for tax purposes. PFL benefits paid to employees by insurance carriers are not reported on Form W-2.

Legal Disclaimer: ShelterPoint does not provide tax advice. Consult with an appropriate tax professional for any questions on tax reporting.

Contact Customer Support at or reach out by telephone 1-800-365-4999.